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Features & Benefits

What makes caPOS™ financial transaction library the leading electronic payment software in the market.

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Reduction of operational cost.

Operational simplicity and increased efficiency.

Increased efficiency.

Future proof.

Enchased security  and control.

Reduce time effort and cost.



Open highly parameterized system with configurable transaction processing rules.

Full control over the transaction authorization process.

Full control over authorization host selection - transaction routing.

Multiple levels of transaction switch rules (host selection rules).

Multiple authorization host usage simultaneously.

Easy authorization host change.

Transaction processing rules centralized management.



Compliant with VISA, Europay / MasterCard and major Networks / Processors regulations.

Independency from banks, financial institutions and processors relationship.

Minimize transaction authorization cost (acquirer transaction commission).

Very short return on investment.



Data exchange with the existing accounting system in central and remote levels.

MIS, financial & transaction report generation.

Centralized and remote reporting levels.

Reporting consolidation.

Report immediacy  and readiness.

Readiness to support new devices and new transaction sources and types








Configuration flexibility.

Operational flexibility.

Easy upgradability.


Multiple operational topologies.

Multiple operational configurations.

Multiple architectures; N-tier client/server, 2-tier client/server, embedded.



Easy-to-Use Interface.

Simple integration with other applications; supports various interfaces.

Easy integration with the central accounting system in multi-lane, multi-site environment.

Integration with various ECRs and business machines such as lottery machines.

Integration with various EMV Level II PIN Pads and card acceptor devices.

Simple communication with the main terminal application in an embedded environment.



EMV compliant.

PCI-DSS ready.

Tamper evident & tamper resistant.

Security and protection of confidential information; file protection & file security.

Secure, temporary transactions archiving enables searching and reviewing


Support to different message protocols; strong supports to ISO8583 and numerous variations.

Support of different payment applications.

Support of alternative & backup communication links.

Multi-channel communication with payment host increasing bandwidth and speed.

Automatic reconnection in case of communication link failure.

Support for multiple TID/MID pairs.

Support for installment payments and post dated transactions.

Two operation mode: administrator and operator.

System access with user name / password pair.

Remote notification by email or SMS.






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