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Our flagship product is caPOS™.

caPOS™ is the acronym of CubeIQ Application at the Point Of Sale. Is the new innovative software platform for managing the total cycle of electronic payment transactions using plastic cards at the point of sale.

caPOS™ is the de-facto open - platform, mission-critical, financial transaction library / framework / product that can be customized and extended in order to perform financial transaction authorization and to implement financial interchanges.




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caPOS™/Stand Alone

caPOS™/Stand Alone is a product version designed for implementing the functionality of a physical eft/pos terminal as a software application running on Microsoft Windows© Operating System Environment.

A new version build to run on the commercialized Linux distributions as  well as on not commercialized distributions is on its way. caPOS™/Stand Alone is using a number of EMV Level-II and PED PCI card acceptor devices and Pin Pads from different vendors. Any such device can be integrated upon request.


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caPOS™/Enterprise is a product version with multi-tier client/serve architecture for use in enterpeise / multi - site / multi - lane environments. caPOS™/Enterprise consist of an interoperable Server part and a client part that usually is executed in PC-based POS, standard PCs, desktop of portable  eft/pos, handheld and mobile terminals and in general in card acceptor devices and Pin Pads.


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caPOS™/Card Not Present 

caPOS™/Card Not Present is a product version for "Card Not Present" and for bulk transaction authorization. This version provides all the necessary features required for quick and easy processing of credit / debit / proprietary card transactions in situations where cards are not present. It is used in the "phone - mail order" and in the "periodically recursive" transaction markets (periodically recursive transactions are generated by companies such as utilities or GSM carriers that are debiting their customer credit cards for the services they offer).

caPOS™/Card Not Present can be used also as the financial transaction authorization medium between an Internet merchant - shop and the corresponding acquiring bank. In this case caPOS™/Card Not Present offers to the Internet merchant simple integration with the payment system of an acquirer and authorizes payments for the goods and / or services purchased in its internet shop.


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caPOS™/Embedded is a special product version designed to operate in "embedded" environment. caPOS™/Embedded operates in PC-based POS/ECR, lottery machines, oil station pump controllers and in any terminal or machines in which a main application is executed that requires a credit / debit / proprietary card payment transaction authorization. 


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