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Electronic Payment Systems by CubeIQ

Electronic Payment Systems, with trade marks eps™ and eps::CubeIQ is a vertical spin-off unit of CubeIQ Ltd. targeting the electronic payment and transaction processing market

The unit has been established for developing, marketing and selling products, solution and services in the arena of electronic payment and transaction processing.

We target to become established as one of the leading and recognized technology providers in electronic payment and transaction processing software applications and services arena. Our portfolio of solutions, our market presence as well as our customer base will expand in order to secure a sustainable growth.

We envisage an world where payments, funds transfers and exchange of data are performed in the most simplistic and transparent way.

Our mission is to become one of the most effective and reliable partner for our customers offering unique values while actively assist them to obtain their business goals.

eps::CubeIQ has initiated its own development for innovative products in the areas of:

electronic payment

transaction processing

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